Sunday, August 23, 2009

Query Twelve: Indulgence in the Media

Indulgence in the Media

Today I'd like to talk about Indulgence as a theme in today's media. Indulgence is known as a cardinal sin, a hedonism, and a theme that should be used sparingly. By its wayside are the themes of Idleness and Sloth. While actually indulging in the media could be considered indulgence, I will be delving a little more specifically into the sections. I've noticed Indulgence is a heavy theme in today's media, replacing things that could be intellectually stimulating.

The venue I noticed it the most in is Music. While earlier rap music focused on exposing how life really was for the artist, or how corrupt the politics were of the time, today the focus has shifted from the message the artist is trying to convey onto the actual lifestyle the artist exhibits. Indulgence and egocentrism is a main theme. I am not speaking in blanket terms because I know that there are rap artists and artists of other genres that have genuine messages, its simply that I've noticed society around me begins to surround themself with the latest brand of indulgence-centered music. The main theme is "Their life is extremely good", in their terms they sleep with a lot of women, have a lot of money, buy expensive things, and live the lavish life while people adore them. Every now and then the artist will releas a song or a lyric in the song attempting to regain street credibility, and to hardcore fans of the artist it will work. The songs aren't exactly meant to be taken seriously because in reality what straight male really wants to hear another straight male yell into a microphone about their sexual conquests and lavish lifestyle. I realize that it is moreso a fad because "everyone listens to it, it must be good." This however diminishes the amount of payoff an artist with a genuine message may make because the focus is solely on this theme.

On the Television this theme is prevalent as well. All of the shows that center around one person choosing another to "love forever" out of a group of hopeful contestants are wholly centered on the "choosers" full indulgence. It is doubtful that you will find a show like this where the main "chooser" doesn't make out with more than one of the contestants, or where the entire show doesn't fit the formula of the type of show it is. There will always be the bitch, there will always be the good girl. Why? No, not because we humans only have a few subsets of personalities, it is because the show is just that. A television show that relies on ratings and thusly the producers use a set formula that works. A formula that relies on inciting the same drama, seen season after season, with a different coat of paint. A formula that heavily relies on Indulgence. Take this theme from all of the "Reality" shows you can think of and you will have only the credits and possibly the theme song.

The printed media is no exception. With a plethora of tabloids glamorizing the indulgent lives of celebrities, and encouraging its readers to SPEND SPEND SPEND, it feeds on the peoples desire to see more and more about their favorite celebrities and the celebrities fabulous lives, and the only negative mentioned about their lives is their tragically sudden trip to rehab or their lack of undergarments. It would be a heavy loss if indulgence was eradicated as a theme from tabloids. All they would have left is a multitude of exclamation points

In general, I believe if a man from the 1800s popped up in today's world, he would literally think he was in hell due to all of the chaos we dole out in large doses. All of these examples are a poison when medicine could suffice. Intelligent programming blocked by the masses desire for the same formula of drivel year after year. But like all things I know this is cyclic and will pass. And a day will come when you can turn on the tv and an hour later, actually learn something.

Shocking isn't it?


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Luigi B said...

Actually I think you're mixing up indulgence with promiscuity.