Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Query Eleven: The Importance of Polarity

The Importance of Polarity

Main Entry: po·lar·i·ty

4 a : diametrical opposition b : an instance of such opposition

I've found polarity to be one of the most important forces in nearly all aspects of life and society. It provides jobs, keeps the world turning (literally), keeps math logical, keeps people happy, and keeps life itself going. Although as the nature of polarity is the instance of opposition it also causes all sorts of grief, tragedy, and trouble.

If I said I enjoyed the horrible moments in life, the tragic accidents, or deaths, you would say I would surely be lying, and would be partially true in that. But when I take a moment and think about what if all the horrible things never existed and all the opposition was not existent I wouldn't have thoughts or opinions on what is right. That is because if all that is negative was gone, there would only be positive, there would only be a universal good, and no perceived bad. There would be little to no free will as we wouldn't question what is bad and what is good because we would very well know the answer. This is why when I say I enjoy life, I can't simply sugarcoat it and say I wish the bad were all gone.

Polarity in society is what keeps society free. If polarity had no existence in society, there would not be parties, or people fighting for rights as there would be no opposition. There would be no argument, or discussion. We would just live with no opinion, because we have nothing to oppose. I believe every argument I make on this blog only lives because it has an opposing arguement. I also believe that it is ignorant and selfish if I were to herald my opinion above all other and claim all of this blog as irrefutable fact. No, what I believe is in logical arguement, if any of my readers have an arguement, I would direly enjoy to see the opposing view. Why? Because it forces me to create a new arguement, a more logical one to counteract and enables me to hone my ideals, morals, and vision of life. Without Polarity in logic, there would be no logic, only a series of facts blandly arrayed for all to consume without thought.

Polarity's ceasement in science would mean the end of all scientific pursuits and studies. Atoms, planets and chemicals rely on polarity for structure, yet all would collapse at its nonexistence. Orbit wouldn't occur, magnetic fields would wholly cease to exist. No polarity would end the north and south poles, and form a chaotic array. Polarity forms an essential ingredient to life on a biological, scientific, and practical level.

A lack of polarity would cause the media to become less striking, less attractive, and more of a recountment of what is good or right in everyones eyes. What is CNN without Fox News? It would be bland but the difference in flavors simply enhances the other. Polarity would make fueds and arguments cease to exist. No opposites and no grey area between the poles, only a similar shade of white or black. Only a lacklustre utopia or bleak dystopia. No change.

This is why I fully believe polarity is some essential part of me and my mind. I wouldn't be able to think, I wouldn't be able to overthink if there wasn't someone on the other side of the river thinking the opposite arguement of me and making it known. This is why life is fun, this is why existence is interesting. This gives life purpose and meaning, it provides life its fragility and the eventuality of death in order for us to make what we can out of our lives, and enjoy them as much as possible.



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