Friday, August 28, 2009

Query Thirteen: Order and Chaos in Society

Order and Chaos in Society

In very general terms, governments are a social contract of exalting order to fight chaos. While many cherish the sanctuary that order provides, too much order begins to become caustic. In this article I will examine how the fight of chaos versus order is quite prevalent in society at large. In addition I will examine how a society would be if either order or chaos did not exist. I'm not intending on examining which governmental system strikes the best balance of chaos and order because I believe that all governments are created with the best of intentions, yet human imperfection tends to corrupt all forms of government.

First I'll discuss the overabundance and lack of order and how it would affect a society. We know by studying history how an overabundance of order and control would be oppressive to citizen's lives. We know that with those sort of governmental systems that value an overarching hand, and an omniscient ear, it is only a matter of time for the people to gather and rebel. These sorts of governing bodies tend to be temporary at best due to the fact that most other governments who value human rights, try to not do any business with oppressive tyrannies. A lack of order in society rarely stems from governmental choice, but from a weak government. An example of this would be Somalia where recently the pirate activity has been noticed. If this was a governmental choice, Somalian officials would put a choke hold on the illegal activity immediately, but the world knows that they do not have this option. They don't have the capitol to fund technology that would track pirate ships, nor do they have battleships to attack this. So we know that a lack of order is not exactly the governments choice.

Chaos is the real main factor in this struggle. If we have too much chaos, we delve into lawlessness and savagery, if we have too little chaos, we find our lives tightly surrounded by censors and our bodies lead by those in power. The reason we require chaos is that we like to decide our fate, we like to monitor what we consume, mentally speaking. A basic human instinct is to strive for power and control, and ironically enough, we require chaos to strive for control. This is when I remind my readers of my previous article on Polarity and its importance.

I believe that all of my articles intertwine in their basic logic and I'd like to go back to my point that polarity is necessary to human existence and thus chaos and order are also required. No order? We live savage and ruthless lives. Too much order? We don't even live our lives as much as wade through a predestined path. So all the governing bodies strive to strike a balance of freedom and limitation, all have the same goal at making society as utopic as possible for its citizens. Which is the best form of government to accommodate this struggle? That specifically is subject to individual opinion.


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Luigi B said...

Being that I am a libertarian socialist I agree with you completely, libertarian dictates the individual's freedom and the least possible intervention from the government, and the socialist encourages unions and the value of the community.