Friday, August 28, 2009

Query Thirteen: Order and Chaos in Society

Order and Chaos in Society

In very general terms, governments are a social contract of exalting order to fight chaos. While many cherish the sanctuary that order provides, too much order begins to become caustic. In this article I will examine how the fight of chaos versus order is quite prevalent in society at large. In addition I will examine how a society would be if either order or chaos did not exist. I'm not intending on examining which governmental system strikes the best balance of chaos and order because I believe that all governments are created with the best of intentions, yet human imperfection tends to corrupt all forms of government.

First I'll discuss the overabundance and lack of order and how it would affect a society. We know by studying history how an overabundance of order and control would be oppressive to citizen's lives. We know that with those sort of governmental systems that value an overarching hand, and an omniscient ear, it is only a matter of time for the people to gather and rebel. These sorts of governing bodies tend to be temporary at best due to the fact that most other governments who value human rights, try to not do any business with oppressive tyrannies. A lack of order in society rarely stems from governmental choice, but from a weak government. An example of this would be Somalia where recently the pirate activity has been noticed. If this was a governmental choice, Somalian officials would put a choke hold on the illegal activity immediately, but the world knows that they do not have this option. They don't have the capitol to fund technology that would track pirate ships, nor do they have battleships to attack this. So we know that a lack of order is not exactly the governments choice.

Chaos is the real main factor in this struggle. If we have too much chaos, we delve into lawlessness and savagery, if we have too little chaos, we find our lives tightly surrounded by censors and our bodies lead by those in power. The reason we require chaos is that we like to decide our fate, we like to monitor what we consume, mentally speaking. A basic human instinct is to strive for power and control, and ironically enough, we require chaos to strive for control. This is when I remind my readers of my previous article on Polarity and its importance.

I believe that all of my articles intertwine in their basic logic and I'd like to go back to my point that polarity is necessary to human existence and thus chaos and order are also required. No order? We live savage and ruthless lives. Too much order? We don't even live our lives as much as wade through a predestined path. So all the governing bodies strive to strike a balance of freedom and limitation, all have the same goal at making society as utopic as possible for its citizens. Which is the best form of government to accommodate this struggle? That specifically is subject to individual opinion.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Query Twelve: Indulgence in the Media

Indulgence in the Media

Today I'd like to talk about Indulgence as a theme in today's media. Indulgence is known as a cardinal sin, a hedonism, and a theme that should be used sparingly. By its wayside are the themes of Idleness and Sloth. While actually indulging in the media could be considered indulgence, I will be delving a little more specifically into the sections. I've noticed Indulgence is a heavy theme in today's media, replacing things that could be intellectually stimulating.

The venue I noticed it the most in is Music. While earlier rap music focused on exposing how life really was for the artist, or how corrupt the politics were of the time, today the focus has shifted from the message the artist is trying to convey onto the actual lifestyle the artist exhibits. Indulgence and egocentrism is a main theme. I am not speaking in blanket terms because I know that there are rap artists and artists of other genres that have genuine messages, its simply that I've noticed society around me begins to surround themself with the latest brand of indulgence-centered music. The main theme is "Their life is extremely good", in their terms they sleep with a lot of women, have a lot of money, buy expensive things, and live the lavish life while people adore them. Every now and then the artist will releas a song or a lyric in the song attempting to regain street credibility, and to hardcore fans of the artist it will work. The songs aren't exactly meant to be taken seriously because in reality what straight male really wants to hear another straight male yell into a microphone about their sexual conquests and lavish lifestyle. I realize that it is moreso a fad because "everyone listens to it, it must be good." This however diminishes the amount of payoff an artist with a genuine message may make because the focus is solely on this theme.

On the Television this theme is prevalent as well. All of the shows that center around one person choosing another to "love forever" out of a group of hopeful contestants are wholly centered on the "choosers" full indulgence. It is doubtful that you will find a show like this where the main "chooser" doesn't make out with more than one of the contestants, or where the entire show doesn't fit the formula of the type of show it is. There will always be the bitch, there will always be the good girl. Why? No, not because we humans only have a few subsets of personalities, it is because the show is just that. A television show that relies on ratings and thusly the producers use a set formula that works. A formula that relies on inciting the same drama, seen season after season, with a different coat of paint. A formula that heavily relies on Indulgence. Take this theme from all of the "Reality" shows you can think of and you will have only the credits and possibly the theme song.

The printed media is no exception. With a plethora of tabloids glamorizing the indulgent lives of celebrities, and encouraging its readers to SPEND SPEND SPEND, it feeds on the peoples desire to see more and more about their favorite celebrities and the celebrities fabulous lives, and the only negative mentioned about their lives is their tragically sudden trip to rehab or their lack of undergarments. It would be a heavy loss if indulgence was eradicated as a theme from tabloids. All they would have left is a multitude of exclamation points

In general, I believe if a man from the 1800s popped up in today's world, he would literally think he was in hell due to all of the chaos we dole out in large doses. All of these examples are a poison when medicine could suffice. Intelligent programming blocked by the masses desire for the same formula of drivel year after year. But like all things I know this is cyclic and will pass. And a day will come when you can turn on the tv and an hour later, actually learn something.

Shocking isn't it?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Query Eleven: The Importance of Polarity

The Importance of Polarity

Main Entry: po·lar·i·ty

4 a : diametrical opposition b : an instance of such opposition

I've found polarity to be one of the most important forces in nearly all aspects of life and society. It provides jobs, keeps the world turning (literally), keeps math logical, keeps people happy, and keeps life itself going. Although as the nature of polarity is the instance of opposition it also causes all sorts of grief, tragedy, and trouble.

If I said I enjoyed the horrible moments in life, the tragic accidents, or deaths, you would say I would surely be lying, and would be partially true in that. But when I take a moment and think about what if all the horrible things never existed and all the opposition was not existent I wouldn't have thoughts or opinions on what is right. That is because if all that is negative was gone, there would only be positive, there would only be a universal good, and no perceived bad. There would be little to no free will as we wouldn't question what is bad and what is good because we would very well know the answer. This is why when I say I enjoy life, I can't simply sugarcoat it and say I wish the bad were all gone.

Polarity in society is what keeps society free. If polarity had no existence in society, there would not be parties, or people fighting for rights as there would be no opposition. There would be no argument, or discussion. We would just live with no opinion, because we have nothing to oppose. I believe every argument I make on this blog only lives because it has an opposing arguement. I also believe that it is ignorant and selfish if I were to herald my opinion above all other and claim all of this blog as irrefutable fact. No, what I believe is in logical arguement, if any of my readers have an arguement, I would direly enjoy to see the opposing view. Why? Because it forces me to create a new arguement, a more logical one to counteract and enables me to hone my ideals, morals, and vision of life. Without Polarity in logic, there would be no logic, only a series of facts blandly arrayed for all to consume without thought.

Polarity's ceasement in science would mean the end of all scientific pursuits and studies. Atoms, planets and chemicals rely on polarity for structure, yet all would collapse at its nonexistence. Orbit wouldn't occur, magnetic fields would wholly cease to exist. No polarity would end the north and south poles, and form a chaotic array. Polarity forms an essential ingredient to life on a biological, scientific, and practical level.

A lack of polarity would cause the media to become less striking, less attractive, and more of a recountment of what is good or right in everyones eyes. What is CNN without Fox News? It would be bland but the difference in flavors simply enhances the other. Polarity would make fueds and arguments cease to exist. No opposites and no grey area between the poles, only a similar shade of white or black. Only a lacklustre utopia or bleak dystopia. No change.

This is why I fully believe polarity is some essential part of me and my mind. I wouldn't be able to think, I wouldn't be able to overthink if there wasn't someone on the other side of the river thinking the opposite arguement of me and making it known. This is why life is fun, this is why existence is interesting. This gives life purpose and meaning, it provides life its fragility and the eventuality of death in order for us to make what we can out of our lives, and enjoy them as much as possible.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Query Ten: War and Why?

War and Why?

For as long as civilizations titled themselves into countries, they have had military forces. Be it all the men in the village wielding arrows, or all the young men in a small suburban town destined to wield assault rifles, it stems back to a some form of chaotic, violent urge we must have in humanity as a collective.

In my research, wars have evolved but have a simple frame. It goes something like this: Gain an edge over the enemy. Find what the enemy has over me. Find a weakness in the enemy. Exploit the weakness. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It sounds very bare bones, but in the midst of all of that just imagine the amount of devastation done to the citizens who most likely want no part in political rabble. The reason for this frame can be chalked up to a primal desire to be better and stronger than competition, as well as win the war for whatever reason we may have. An example would be when the french developed Tanks, the German's developed Nerve Gas, which effectively combated them. It took all of the steps infact to complete the Nerve Gas. The Germans "found out what their enemy had over them" via a network of spies, they "developed something over them" or tried to develop a large artillery rifle, and exploited their weakness. In the end, no war is won, its only postponed unit the next hotheaded leader blows the whistle.

The reasons for war can be numerous, but I personally believe it all stems from a primal urge inside of us, similar to a hive mind, where we believe violence is the absolute authority, and in some countries, the sole authority. Of course, its not always from a desire to rain down victory and absolute authority over the percieved enemy, sometimes its more.. monetary. Although it sounds cruel that people may incite wars simply to profit and prosper, I know and I am sure my readers do know that us humans are capable of things that are as cruel and horrible as you can imagine. It would not surprise me, therefore, to deduce that at least some of the major wars were triggered by a human and his desire for money.

The most saddening and interesting part to me is the fact that society accepts massive amounts of trauma done to its military. I'm not talking about actual combat as.. that is quite expected but in training, in the reserves, many people say it breaks you. It breaks you from a person, into a tool, or an animal. The typical archtype of a yelling General at the recruits is multiplied by a thousand and it causes stress on their psyche until it breaks and they disconnect, simply doing what they are told. If this is the way it is here, I shudder to think what worse actions have been dreamed up in other locales.

In the end, we can look back and call the Spartans savages for their warlike ways, and even call the Atzec cruel for their human sacrifices, but can we honestly look around and call ourselves developed simply because we have created bigger, more advanced guns, and different ways to break a person. In my eyes, history repeats itself and if you see it like I do, it has.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Query Nine: A Comparison Of Civil Rights Efforts

A Comparison of Civil Rights Efforts

I have been pondering this topic for the past few weeks and came to some interesting points which I'd like you to think about. Before I deal with the sort of ground level human perception of it all, I'd like to get the facts and the basics out of the way.

What I will be discussing specifically is a comparison between the Black Civil Rights Movement and the modern Gay Civil Rights Movement. I won't be saying which is worse than the other or trying to lighten the view of either movement, simply put, I am showing the similarities between a currently oppressed group and a previously oppressed group. Some major differences are the severity of action taken by the black civil rights activists. The action took the form of boycotting certain establishments that discriminated, sit-ins, and other form of protests. An extremist movement even took off "The Black Panthers" which to the dismay of most of the civil rights activists, took many volatile actions to achieve their goals. Currently, the gay civil rights movement employs marches, protests, petitioning city officials, and other forms of peaceful protest. The difference lies mostly in the fact that the black rights movement had more of a following, as not only did it encapsulate an entire race of people, but many white people from different regions. The magnitude created the massive spectrum that went from peaceful sit-ins, to the extremist violence.

Another difference is the reason the groups were/are oppressed. Slavery and a rabid view of racism among whites was the major theme of the time which also contributed to some of the extremism among the activists. In the current struggle, people's religious beliefs are suppressing the homosexuals legal right to marry (and receive the legal benefits related). Their reasoning for this is summed up as "They are lying and aren't homosexual" as they do not believe the behaviour is natural or scientifically speaking 'existant.' Or "It infringes upon my religious morals". This is a big difference as no white person disputed that the color of african american skin was existant or contradictory to their religious beliefs, save the KKK who used the bible to visciously attack blacks. The magnitude of the Gay Rights Movement is large but significantly lower than the Black Rights movement due to the fact that the oppression is against a group whose 'oppressed trait' is something not outwardly seen, and sometimes supressed by the holder.

I fully believe if homosexuality was scientifically proved to be a genetic/DNA factor(which in many cases it already has) and was anounced by the scientific community to be such, it would be rebuked by the oppressive movement in the same way that african american's were scoffed at when pleading for their human rights. In my blog I try to think about situations as a whole and combat my and societies ignorance with reason and logic. And I hope my readers promote the pursuit of logic and humanity, over oppression due to factors beyond control. I try not to mix my personal life into my queries but as a homosexual myself, I cannot deny the natural presence of homosexuality in my life. My body does not physically react in the same way a heterosexual body would given the stimuli of a naked woman or a naked man. That is how I view it scientifically, logically, and as a human being with compassion.